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The importance of trusted brand

Smartphones are more functional than computers in many ways, and discussions we conducted with participants in our France and UK communities highlighted how mobile apps and sites were often easier to use than websites.

I have recently used my phone to transfer money between countries using Transferwise.  Their app is particularly easy to use compared to the website. (UK community member)

Speed of use is another side of the user experience that makes consumers prefer Smartphones, and this is particularly critical for mobile payments.

I usually have my phone to hand and both easier and quicker to get out and scan than getting out my wallet and then my card and then putting them back. (UK Community member)

This simplicity also explains why mobile payments have been developing since 2015 and with faster expansion since 2020 (1). In 2021, nearly 20% of the UK population had already adopted mobile payments, to reach 24% in 2025 (2).

Source: eMarketer

Technology advances have made Smartphones more reliable, faster, and compatible with an increasing number of devices. Advancements in display technology have led to vibrant and high-resolution screens that offer immersive visual experiences (3).

In our Smartphone usage update 2023, for the first time participants opt for their Smartphone to watch long format videos, while more people than ever are using it to make purchases.

In this blog and previous tech updates, we've talked of the lack of trust in mobile hardware and systems as a key barrier to using Smartphones for shopping.

Consumer confidence in Smartphones has remarkably increased recently, with better hardware, larger screens and the development of secure payment methods.

In 2023 however, discussions with our participants show that consumers' trust in brands remains a key driver when deciding to use Smartphones for shopping and payment.

Get in touch through our contact page to know more about our Smartphone usage update 2023 and the services we provide.


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