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Are Smartphones the future of Internet shopping?

2014-01-29 14:00 by Nathalie Kantorowicz (comments: 0)

In 2011, media were all about the rise of the 2nd and 3rd screen for TV viewing (laptops, smartphones, and tablets). In 2014, mobile Internet has become a key way for many of us to access the news, our emails or facebook, and mobile devices are increasingly used to read a book, to watch a film or a video of some sort (tutorials and clips from YouTube and other similar platforms).

With mobile internet, Smartphones started to be used anywhere anytime, and also in stores, mainly to get more information - price comparison, products reviews, accessing product info via QR codes. But at the same time, the craze for the smartphone wasn't fully extended to shopping, the device often considered as not secure enough for payments, or the screen being too small to fully appreciate the items.

But now that Smartphones are getting bigger (4in and above, including the phablets at 5in and above), and that many more consumers are getting a tablet, it will be truly interesting to see how mobile shopping is affected in the next year or so.

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