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From the connected TV, to the connected fridge: where will the shift towards mobile stop?

2014-01-27 14:04 by Nathalie Kantorowicz (comments: 0)

When we started to interview consumers in our communities back in 2012 about their usage of tech devices, the main connected objects we were talking about were the TV, the DAB radio, and of course Smartphones.  The first Connected TVs were sold, with mixed feedback from the few equipped members, moaning about the interface that was not so easy-to-use, making the Internet surfing not intuitive enough. They mostly relied on their computer (laptop or desktop) and also on their Smartphone, to access Internet, and download content.

The past 2 years have seen a dramatic change in mood, as our members turned en masse to Smartphones and started to get equipped with a tablet or e-reader of some sort. TV used to be, alongside the fridge, the car, and the landline phone, one of the key tech in our home. Now, the question is not anymore how has the mainstream move towards mobile affected TV pre-eminence in the home, but is it not just simply replacing it?

Consumers now want to use their Smartphone at home too, to connect with their fridge, or to replace their house keys...Smartphones could become the new all-in-1 remote.

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