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A lockdown exercise

2020-05-20 11:34 by Nathalie Kantorowicz


Posted by a member in May 2020

In this strange period, we’ve all had to change our habits somehow.

In our long-standing communities of consumers across France & the UK, we’ve started to touch upon these changes in our lives, by discussing regular exercise and how it had changed.

The idea of this topic came up after a member spontaneously posted in the community, asking if others had amended their exercise routine. This appeared a great idea to discuss changes in life without being too intrusive and in a light-hearted manner.

We discussed it via a range of topics: regular gym or sports activities pre-lockdown and in lockdown, with pictures of the accessories that would best illustrate this specific routine; a poll with one single question, and a questionnaire to clarify what came up in the discussions.

2 out of 3 amended their exercise routine, often introducing a new activity to their daily or weekly programme

As it turns out, with the lockdown, only 1 in 3 did not amend their exercise routine. All others somehow amended it, often introducing a new activity to their daily or weekly programme. Many replaced their usual gym, Pilates, dance classes, cycling or walking to work…by gym at home. While a few did less exercise than before, however conducting home gym activity or some kind of exercise which included home chores and gardening.

This home gym programme saw participants turn their lounge into a makeshift fitness room while following fitness trainers on YouTube and on TV, or put their bike on a stand. Watching YouTube or TV fitness programmes was popular in both countries, only with different instructors. TV and YouTube star Joe Wicks was mentioned a few times in the UK, while in France, where celebrity culture is less pervasive, participants did not mention any specific trainer or programme. For a majority, this was a totally new experience.

The change of habit was also true whatever their level of weekly exercise in the life before, whether they were “hard-core” doing gym almost every day, or “casual” who would have done it only once a week.

Keeping fit and healthy, and experiencing new family activities

On top keeping fit and healthy, and getting “the heart and circulation going”, added benefits from this new routine included experiencing new family activities while exercising with the kids or partner; feeling slightly more comfortable doing exercise at home than outside; “having a break from the house”, for those who used walking to exercise.

In the process, some participants increased their level of weekly routine, as this participant in France put it “with 30 mins a day, I end up doing more exercise than before, topping 3h30 per week instead of my previous 1h30 a week”.

Pictures of their exercise routine included rugs in front of the TV, yoga mats and other gym equipment, rowing machines, bikes on a stand, kids scooters and dogs.

Get in touch if you want more details or be involved in our ongoing discussions and live chats, as we’ll be exploring daily life while lockdown is easing.

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