Communities change the way we carry out market research

Engage with your consumers to test new concepts; to co-create products, services and names; to monitor in real-time ever-changing perceptions, opinions and product usage; to understand consumer journeys and decision-process; to optimise your customer experience.

My Community© is an intuitive tool where members engage and interact freely with community managers, at home, during their daily commute or at work during breaks, in a way that fosters creativity and new ideas.

Every week, our community managers ask your questions to the community and channel members’ interactions, to generate insights based on your input. Our members aged 14 to 60 years old, in France and the UK, provide input through vibrant discussions, online chats, video and photo diaries. Talking anonymously, participants speak freely, and sometimes about sensitive issues.

Online qual can be your most relevant tool to engage with hard to reach individuals, such as professionals; it also allows to quickly develop discussions spanning cities and countries.

Members - Their say

I find buying things on ipad/tablet so convenient. In fact it is way too convenient. I have spent more money as a result because i buy out of boredom. When i could be reading a book, i decide to browse, decide that i like the item and within a few clicks i have made the purchase.

I have the intention of creating a smart home and buying three Google Home smart speakers has enabled me to achieve a good portion of this intention with a few additional extras I have already purchased: Philips smart lightbulb; Nest Thermostat; IFTTT (a free app linked via GH) to control my smart kettle; Chromecast to cast and stream video and music throughout the home

I recently had a problem with my computer and called Sky to enquire about our package details only to be told that they cancelled our connection 2 years ago without notifying us. I assured them that this had not occurred as I still have the Sky router and I am still connected to the internet they said I can't possibly apparently we have been getting sky broadband free for two years although I have no clue how this could have happened.