More about us

the-marketing-labs is an agency specialised in market research, innovation and trends, created in 2011 by Nathalie Kantorowicz, expert with 20 years in market research and brands. 150 concepts and products developed for Telecoms, Consumer Electronics, Games and Digital Content, Energy, Distribution, Services.

We explore consumer perceptions, their usage of products and services, and shopper journeys online and in-store. We help our clients develop products and brands, optimise customer experience, audit their social media brand, test campaigns, and evaluate client satisfaction.

Qualitative Research: we use insights communities, bulletin boards, Live Chats, focus groups and face-to-face interviews, to develop products and brands, explore consumer journeys, and optimise the user experience.
Quantitative Research: via online or street surveys we can evaluate client satisfaction, test advertising campaigns, develop a new product.
2011: multilingual insights communities concept, My Community©;  250 members France and UK: a teens/young adults community and 2 communities with members aged 25 and over.

Our flexible structure partners with experts and freelancers to offer a research and brands expertise in the UK, France and at International, and across a wide range of industries.